Product Information

Sign Estimator comes in two flavors.  One for the Australian market, and one for the rest of the world.  The Australian version contains tax information specific to Australia, while the international version contains both the US tax system and a general GST/VAT type of tax system (selectable upon installation).


Set up customer files with shipping and delivery addresses and all phone details.
Set individual term periods for each customer - terms are printed on estimates, invoices and statements and used for tracking unpaid accounts.
Set opening balances, including invoice details, for amounts owed when you commence using Sign Estimator.
Establish deposit levels for specific customers and set individual discount percentages.


Set up your business configuration - customize forms to print on your letterhead or plain paper.  Set your company details, standard terms and customize the opening and closing estimate statements to suit you.
Establish the cost of operating your business and the number of productive hours you have in one year - use this to establish a charge out rate that is appropriate to your costs.

Materials Costs

Enter your vinyl and paint costs and establish your selling prices to achieve the mark-up you want - suitable for vinyl and painted lettering and for outsourced products like routed acrylic letters.
Set up substrate costs - cor-plastic, MDF, banners, signfoam, etc - Sign Estimator even costs and prices the painting of a background wall.  Not even a calculator is needed.  The program has its own.


Set up text, cap height and material and Sign Estimator will calculate the cost of materials used and the selling price.
(Australian Edition) Choose the correct tax code and Sign Estimator will calculate the correct sales tax according to Tax Office guidelines.
Indicate any special effects such as outlines and shades and see the selling prices and tax automatically recalculate.
Simply set the height and width of your job and Sign Estimator will work out the selling price.
Select your background finishing method - e.g. Acrylic Paint - 2 Coats and the cost of paint used will be included in the job costing.
Sign Estimator differentiates between manufacturing, design and installation labor to allow for tax and charge out differences.
Contract labor is also catered for - enter the cost of a contractor and your selling price for his time and Sign Estimator does the rest.
Include hire of plant and equipment as well as the cost of consumables, any statutory fees and freight.


Job Sheets
Invoices and Quick Invoices
Sales Reports
Sales tax and GST/VAT Reports
Customer Balances
Unpaid Accounts
Pending Estimates
... and more!!!